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Southfield is a tight-knit community, and our Eagles love to support each other! Below is a list of Southfield family-owned businesses.


Doctors for Women, LLC

Address 8001 Youree Dr., Suite 900 Shreveport LA 71115 Phone: 318-797-0101 Work Fax: 318-797-0010 Website: http://www.doctorsforwomen.com


The board certified physicians and friendly staff of Doctors for Women Clinic are dedicated to providing outstanding care for their patients. They strive to meet your expectations with the most up-to-date knowledge and technology in contemporary women’s heath care.

Tricia and Jacque LaBarre, M.D. (grandparents, former parents); Cecilia Bellmann, M.D. (parent)

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8001 Youree Dr., Suite 900 Shreveport LA 71115

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