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Academic Departments

Middle school is a time of significant change in students’ lives.  At Southfield, our students are guided by a veteran faculty and support staff who recognize the value of life lessons. Small group advisory meetings address current issues as well as relational topics to help students learn to live lives of excellence.

Students taking Algebra I, Geometry, French, and Spanish have the opportunity to receive high school credits.


Language Arts

The language arts program in our Middle School is predicated on the skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. A love of reading is encouraged in numerous ways, including literature circles, exposure to varying genres, and book clubs. All children practice writing in various forms through journaling and creative and expository essays. Language arts classes for 5th and 6th-grade students are double-blocked to allow maximum development of essential skills. 7th and 8th-grade students participate in a nine-week writing intensive in addition to their regular English classes.


The mathematics department at Southfield believes in building a grounded, comprehensive mathematical framework that trains students to think logically and critically. Southfield’s mathematics program emphasizes problem-solving and develops critical thinking through practice of basic skills and understanding and communicating mathematical thinking and strategies. A range of courses is offered to meet the needs of all students. Gifted math students can begin to accelerate their mathematics in 6th grade through Accelerated Curricular Experience (ACE). ACE students may earn algebra I and geometry high school credits. Most students are able to gain high school credit in algebra I in the 8th grade. Our math program ensures students are learning and absorbing the critical information they need to succeed in both high school and college mathematics.

Business & Technology

The intelligent use and appreciation of modern technology has always been a top priority at Southfield School. All Middle School students participate in a nine-week MBA class that enables kids to show up and compete in fun, real-world business scenarios, with a competence not usually seen until after college. This business and economics learning platform for kids unlocks advanced concepts helping kids excel in school, business, entrepreneurship, and life. Business technology is integrated into all Middle School classes and our students utilize individual Cloudbooks in and out of the classrooms.

Social Studies

Our social studies program encourages research and critical thinking skills in cultural, historical, and geographical contexts. Students learn not only the facts, vocabulary, and circumstances of these areas, but are also expected to apply their knowledge to increasingly complex and interconnected local, national, and international events. Students apply their knowledge when participating in the bi-annual Social Studies Fair.


Foreign Language (French & Spanish)

Students studying French use the Accelerated Integrative Method of Language Learning found in the Histoires en Action curriculum, which encourages students to speak exclusively in French. Classroom vocabulary is learned at the start of the course, and then students speak exclusively in French. There is daily oral and written interaction with the instructor as well as semester plays performed in French. Students have the opportunity to gain high school credit in French I and II.

Beginning in 5th grade, students have the option to take Spanish. Students develop oral comprehension and written expression. By the end of 8th grade, reading and writing skills in Spanish are expanded to such a level that students are prepared for high school Spanish. Students have the opportunity to gain a high school credit in Spanish I.


The six goals for the Middle School science program are to:

• gain informational literacy

• promote inquiry

• understand the characteristics and interrelationships of matter and energy in the physical world

• understand characteristics, life cycles, and interrelationships of organisms

• gain a better understanding of the natural environment and the value of environmental quality

• understand the materials, structure, history, and cycles of the earth and its processes

Students use the scientific research method to complete bi-annual Science Fair projects.

Enrichment Classes

Nine-week courses in art, digital art and design, drama, and foreign language (5th and 6th grade), and writing craft (7th and 8th grade) taught by specialists in their field enrich the lives of this age group.


Through use of a wide variety of creative dramatic exercises, select group and solo performance opportunities, periodic written class work, quizzes, and projects, our students gain a strong overview of the core competencies necessary to produce theatrical works.


Foreign Language

Students studying French use the Accelerated Integrative Method of Language Learning found in the Histoires en Action curriculum, which encourages students to speak exclusively in French. Semester plays performed in French provide excelerated learning and language competency. Students have the opportunity to gain high school credit in French I and II.

Beginning in 5th grade, students have the option to take Spanish and have the opportunity to gain high school credit in Spanish I.

Physical Education

Building on the core physical skills learned at the elementary level, students expand and enhance their abilities through instruction in games such as flag football, kickball, volleyball, and basketball. Students learn responsibility for safety and good sportsmanship. The skills gained by students at this level builds the foundation for their participation in organized sports and assists them in developing a lifelong desire for physical fitness in their daily lives.


Students follow the principles of design and elements of art. They use the proper terminology and are introduced to media utilizing drawing, painting, printmaking, and 3-dimensional artwork. Advanced art is offered as an after-school program.

Beyond the Books

Southfield Middle School students enjoy many opportunities to lead. Student Council, cheerleading, organized team sports, yearbook staff, and community service allows them to become well-rounded individuals. Our Middle School students support Lower and Preschool students through collaborative learning experiences. For example, Preschool hosts a lemonade and popcorn stand for our Middle School students which teaches social interaction, mathematics, and basic life skills.


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