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kindergarten-4th grade

Southfield’s Lower School stands as a beacon of excellence in Shreveport, driven by a team of experienced and certified teachers who are deeply committed to their students’ growth and development. These dedicated educators collaborate as partners within each grade level and as a cohesive, divisional team, ensuring a well-rounded and comprehensive core curriculum. We offer a rich academic experience in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Additionally, students participate in music, Passports: Our Foreign Language immersion program, physical education, science lab, art, library, and computer technology. Southfield’s Lower School empowers its students with the knowledge, skills, and character traits necessary to flourish academically and personally, creating a strong foundation for their future success.


Academic Departments

Southfield’s Lower School is where confidence begins to blossom and grow. Our students’ innate curiosity intertwines with the guidance of experienced teachers, fostering an optimal environment for cultivating a lifelong love of learning.


Language Arts

A comprehensive and integrated experience that includes reading, writing, comprehension, vocabulary, handwriting, grammar, speaking, and listening. Ultimately, children are expected to understand and practice the writing process through original, creative stories and expository essays. They build reading skills by enjoying novels of diverse genres.


This program is organized into several content strands within which all learning goals are categorized: operations and computation, numeration, patterns, functions and algebra, data and chance, measurement and reference frames, and geometry. The curriculum features real-life problem solving, reinforcement and extension of basic skills, an emphasis on communication, the integration of mathematics into other areas, and the appropriate use of technology. Mathematical skills and concepts are revisited, developed, and extended in a variety of ways, creating an exciting learning spiral over time.


The support, guidance, and expertise of a Lower School science specialist enables children to participate in hands-on experimentation in the school science laboratory. Topics include diverse ecosystems and habitats, organs and systems of the human body, the solar system, and physical science topics, such as magnets, pulleys, and simple machines. A main goal of the science program is to develop inquiring minds that can fully utilize the scientific research process.

Social Studies

Our curriculum focuses on studying the discovery, exploration and cultural, historical development of North America to the present day. Each grade level also reads, researches, and learns about an ancient civilization (China, Vikings, Middle Ages, Egyptians, and Greeks) during a school-wide celebration of world history.


The intelligent use and appreciation of modern technology have always been a top priority at Southfield School. Students attend technology class twice a week. They use interactive software that enriches their curriculum and further challenges their skills in math and language arts. Students also learn keyboarding, advanced word processing, and PowerPoint skills. Lower School students use iPads to enhance their learning: 1st and 2nd-grade students utilize iPad centers in the classrooms while 3rd and 4th-grade students benefit from having individual iPads, also used in the classrooms.

Immersive Experiences

Civilization Fair is a Southfield tradition that takes students into distant civilizations in an integrated learning experience.


The Lower School program provides support and enrichment in math, science, and reading through additional personnel with specific expertise in these areas. Participation in grade-level plays, holiday program performances, and a fully integrated division-wide study of ancient civilizations are a traditional part of the lower school experience at Southfield. Additionally, Lower School students can take piano and Suzuki strings lessons during the school day. Lower School students also take several field trips a year to extend their learning and enrich their experience.

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