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Our Admissions Director, Lesley Brice, will follow-up with you after your application has been received to set up a developmental screening (through kindergarten) or admissions test (1st grade and above).


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Frequently Asked Questions

For admission related questions, please contact our Admissions Director, Lesley Brice, at 318-213-6344 or LBrice@southfield-school.org.

For questions pertaining to financial matters, please contact our  Director of Finance, Adnan Samhan, at (318) 213-6366 or asamhan@southfield-school.org.

What is the age of applicants for Preschool?

Applicants for Southfield School Preschool-2 should be 2 by August 1st.

How are Preschool applicants evaluated?

A developmental screening will be scheduled for new students entering Readiness and Kindergarten classes. All applicants will meet with the Preschool and Lower School Directors for grades PS-2 through 2nd.

What is your sibling policy?

Siblings do receive priority if there is a waiting list. They are still required to go through all steps of the application process.

What is Variable Tuition?

Variable Tuition is a sliding scale tuition plan based on a financial application and takes into consideration factors such as family size, income and military status. As a guide you can review our tuition ranges here. This serves as a guide, actual tuition plans are created on a case-by-case basis following the completion of the application for variable tuition

Applicants can get a general idea of their eligibility for Variable Tuition after completing the applicaiton online.

After completing the application and applying to Southfield School a formal tuition decision/offer from Southfield School should take no longer than one month. Depending on the time of year and the number of applicants, the process may take slightly longer. 

Do I have to submit a new application for Variable Tuition every year?

Yes, you must file the SSS application each year. However, unless there are significant changes in the family’s financial situation, it is unlikely that the school will make significant adjustments in the amount offered. Renewal is also dependent upon the satisfactory performance by the student(s) and upon reasonable compliance with school expectations by the family. Finally, renewal is possible only when all school accounts are current.

Do you have an option for tuition assistance or grants?

Our program is called Variable Tuition and includes any potential grant opportunities and has replaced traditional financial aid programs. Families applying for Variable Tuition can receive a tuition plan that is 20-50% below the full tuition expense. We offer a $1,000 military grant through that program. Learn more about Variable Tuition and apply online here.

Are scholarships available?

A limited number of scholarships have been established and as they become available are an option for some families. Please inquire with our Admissions Director, Lesley Brice to learn more about our scholarships.  The application requirements, amounts awarded, duration of the scholarship, and availability of these funds vary from scholarship to scholarship.

Is the financial assistance application process confidential?

Variable Tuition is strictly confidential to the FACTS application process and the variable tuition committee. No information is shared with any member of the Southfield community. The school also expects that the amount of the award will be treated with strict confidentiality on the part of the family, as well.

Are there any on campus resources for speech and occupational therapy?

Southfield School is proud to have Janey Macey & Associates – Pediatric Therapy (JM&A) on our campus to meet the needs of our students.  This unique partnership allows us to quickly assist students that can benefit from working with JM&A’s therapists.  JM&A was established in 2004 and this multidisciplinary clinic offers services of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

Do you offer Aftercare or Extended Day?