After-School Activities


 Southfield School encourages students to discover their passions inside and outside the classroom. Whether exploring an early interest in civic leadership or budding talent in art, our students find and enjoy many opportunities through clubs.

In addition to athletics , there are a variety of after-school activities available for Southfield students, and we continue to enhance our program offerings as we identify interest from our students.


Weekly Clubs

Current Southfield Students Only

Snack Provided Register Early – Club Sizes are Limited! 

** Carpool pickup for clubs is in front of the middle school building.

Monday Reset Club

April 8 – May 13 (Mondays): $120 

6th – 8th Grade • 3:15 – 4:15 pm • Mrs. Felty’s Classroom

Welcome to the Monday Reset Club, a dedicated space for students to kickstart their week on a positive note! In this club, we focus on helping students organize their academic lives, set goals, and create a productive plan for the week ahead. Our goal is to empower students to take control of their schedules, stay on top of assignments, and reduce stress.

Club Coordinator: Emily Felty

Maximum Capacity: 10

Dance Club

April 2 – May 14 (Tuesdays): $110

PS4 – 2nd Grade • 3:15 – 4:15 pm • Kytle Theater

Join Miss Ariel for a creative movement dance class. Your child will learn various dance techniques and learn how to express themselves through movement. In this club, you will watch your child’s creativity flourish.

Club Coordinator: Ariel Sepulvado

Maximum Capacity: 10

Robotics Club

April 4 – May 9 (Thursdays): $110 

1st – 8th Grade • 3:15 – 4:15 pm • Middle School Computer Lab

Is your child interested in robotics? Do they want to know more about coding? Southfield’s Lego WeDo Robotics Club Jr. will allow our 1st-8th grade students to learn, design, build, and program cool robots using Lego WeDo Robots. Students will work in small groups to complete projects and games explicitly created for Lego WeDo. Students will develop engineering and coding skills through the design process while building and programming their robots. No previous robotics experience is needed, just a desire to develop and learn!

Students will not be able to keep/take their robots home as all parts will be reused from session to session.

Club Coordinator: Genevieve Saulter

Maximum Capacity: 18

Green Thumbs Science Club

April 2 – may 7 (Tuesdays): $145

2nd – 5th Grades • 3:15 – 4:15 pm • LS Science Lab

Come join Mrs. Batte for an exhilarating experience in both the garden and the science lab! Participants will collaborate to enhance the garden’s beauty, incorporating new features like birdhouses to liven up the environment. Each week, students will dedicate time to the garden while also delving into experiments and projects within the classroom. Don’t let this extraordinary chance to immerse yourself in captivating scientific adventures pass you by!

Club Coordinator: Kay Batte

Maximum Capacity: 20

Sewing & Crafting Friends Club

April 2 – May 7 (Tuesdays): $120

1st – 8th Grade • 3:15 – 4:15 pm • Middle School Computer Lab

Do you love to craft? Want to learn how to sew or sharpen your skills? Join Southfield’s Sewing and Crafting Friends Club! 

Kids of all ages will come together to create at least three epic pieces made by hand. We will use fabrics, needles and thread, some bling, and even sewing machines for two sessions!

No experience is necessary, just a good attitude. Be ready to learn new skills, make friends, and have sew much fun! 

Club Coordinator: Genevieve Saulter

Maximum Capacity: 15

Board Games and Math Strategies Club

April 8 – May 13 (Mondays): $120

5th – 8th Grades • 3:15 – 4:15 pm • Mrs. Thelen’s Classroom

Join the fun of the game club! We will learn how to play different board games in small groups each week.  There will be new games as well as some long-time favorites. Play with old friends and meet new ones, but beware- things may get competitive!

Club Coordinator: Leah Thelen

Maximum Capacity: 16


Enriching Experiences

Enriching Experiences will range from 1 to 3 days, depending on the planned activity. 

*Research show that for young children, the creative process is beneficial for brain development. It encourages creativity, helps develop cognitive skills, and can be an opportunity for self-expression. In our Enriching Experiences we encourage the children to enjoy the process of creating and make their own choice for their project.  

Experiences range in age for students in Kindergarten – 8th Grade Snack Provided Register Early – Session Sizes are Limited!

Mother’s Day Handmade Gift

Wednesday, May 1st: $45 

K – 8th Grade • 3:15 – 5:00 pm • Middle School Science Lab

Make a special handmade gift for mom, grandma, or any special person in your life! Your gift will go home wrapped and ready to make your loved one smile. This enriching experience is great for crafters of ALL ages and both boys and girls. No crafting experience is necessary, just a desire to make something beautiful to gift.

*If you’re signed up for Crafting and Sewing Friends Club, know this will be a different craft made from wood.

Supplies and a snack will be provided.

Club Coordinator: Genevieve Saulter

Maximum Capacity: 18

Hip Hop and Breakdancing Class

Thursday, April 25th: $25 

1st – 8th Grade • 3:15 – 4:45 pm • Kytle Theater

Dance and learn various hip-hop genres such as popping, breaking, and more! We will dance together, have snack time, and story time featuring a book about dance!

Club Coordinator: Ariel Sepulvado

Maximum Capacity: 15