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Nurturing the whole individual on the journey to becomING A Self-Confident Scholar 

We do things a little differently around here, and it’s one of the reasons we have such successful students. As an independent private school, we don’t teach to a test. We are committed to an approach that has been shaped by 85 years of positive experiences and proven methodology with thought-leadership from the area’s finest educators.   We foster the joy of learning while providing a challenging curriculum of core subjects, liberal arts, and the intelligent application of evolving technology. Our students meet our efforts with enthusiasmWe believe that creating a partnership between faculty, family, and student makes a big difference in our outcomes. 

Our Facilities

Our quiet campus, nestled in South Highlands, gives our students room to soar.

Our state-of-the-art facilities include a Preschool building with a gross motor room and kitchen, a dedicated STEAM building, our Kindergarten center, our Lower and Middle Schools, two theaters, and ample room to play.

Our Vision

Developing a lifelong love of learning.

Play is the underpinning foundation of all learning in preschool. Teachers set up an environment of purposeful learning centers and activities. For young children, play is their work. Each preschool class is taught by a certified early childhood teacher and an assistant. There is a half-day or full-day option with carpool pickup available at noon and 3:00pm. The Southfield Extended Day program is available until 5:30pm and early drop-off is available beginning at 7:30am.

Each Kindergarten class is taught by a certified teacher and a shared assistant. Additional certified specialists instruct students in music, art, French, physical education, and computer technology. Reading, math, and science curriculum specialists work with teachers and students to enrich the learning experience. Learning through play continues in Kindergarten.

Southfield lower school is a place where nurture meets high expectations. Veteran teachers demonstrate patience and kindness while maintaining high academic and social standards. Lower school presents many creative and exciting ways to learn and contributes to the success of all our students. They have an immersive experience with ancient civilizations that requires participation across all their classes in preparation for Civilization Fair. Students also enjoy their turn at Author’s Tea and Electric City. We accelerate their STEAM experience through weekly science labs in addition to their regular science classes, regular use of technology in the classroom, math enrichment, French studies, grade level plays, art education, and many opportunities to explore and connect with music.

Southfield School provides an exciting environment where middle school students flourish. Creative thinking and problem-solving are part of the daily expectation of finding success in a challenging academic environment. Southfield Middle School students enjoy many opportunities to lead. Student Council, cheerleading, organized team sports, yearbook staff, and community service allows them to become well-rounded individuals.

Alumni Perspective

“I went to Southfield for 1st through 8th grade and graduated in 2004. I loved it. I loved Civilization Fair, where each grade would deep dive into a different civilization and learn all about it. Or Electric City in 2nd grade, where the circuits blew my mind. We did so many things that were both educational and fun, and reinforced a sense of coolness about learning, of curiosity about the world. The other big thing I loved about Southfield was that it was warm, like a big family. That school was like my home: I have so many memories there. I really recommend this school.”

John Burford, Princeton Graduate

“Southfield took me to Cal Poly: San Luis Obispo, one of the top universities in the country, where I secured a job that I love eight months before graduation…where will Southfield take you? #ProudSouthfieldAlum

Savannah Laurel, Cal Poly Graduate

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Location: 1100 Southfield Road, Shreveport, LA 71106 Telephone: (318) 868-5375
Email: info@southfield-school.org
School Hours: M-F: 8:00am-3:00pm


The vitality of a community is enhanced by its diversity, and our commitment to learning goes hand in hand with a commitment to safeguarding diversity in our student body and faculty. We seek to create an atmosphere that challenges us to open our minds and hearts to others, to understand and celebrate our differences, whatever they may be, and to discover common ground. At Southfield School, we embrace and celebrate all cultures. We welcome the opportunity to expand and enrich our Southfield family. Southfield is committed to seeking diversity of race, religion, and ethnic origin among its students and faculty.