Join us in celebrating 90 years of Southfield School!

Food trucks, kite contest, and festivities for all! We hope you will join us for all of the fun in store for the day!

Please bring a picnic blanket or chairs to Kite Day if you would like to sit on the field for the Kite Contest.

Kite Day 2024 Highlights:


Enjoy delicious selections from Missing Link, Cajun Asian, & Rhino Coffee!


The original design for Kite Day at Southfield School! Design your very own kite and enter into one of our following kite contest categories:

most original, most artistic, longest flying, highest flying, smallest, largest


Bubbles, corn hole, chalk, temporary tattos and more! Join us in the Middle School and Atkins Courtyard for these additional fun activities!

Creating Your Own Kite: Helpful Articles!

Kite Day: a history

Embark on a journey through time with Kite Day at Southfield School, a cherished tradition since 1955 that has woven its way into the fabric of our community. What began as a captivating blend of science and art, transformed into an enduring celebration of creativity and camaraderie. In the inaugural year, students eagerly crafted their own kites, breathing life into the skies on Kite Day in a spectacle of colors and ingenuity.

What started as a simple science and art project evolved into a spirited competition, with categories ranging from the most creative designs to the highest-flying marvels and even the tiniest yet mighty contenders. Generations of students have soared to new heights, both in their kites and in the memories forged during this time-honored Southfield tradition.

As we continue to celebrate Kite Day, we honor the legacy of imagination and unity that has graced our skies for decades. Join us in commemorating this enduring Southfield School tradition that uplifts spirits and fosters a sense of community year after year.