We believe in nurturing the whole individual on the journey to becoming a self-confident scholar.

Why Choose Southfield

At Southfield, our talented and experienced faculty cultivate curiosity, character, kindness and a lifelong love of learning.  Our secure environment surrounds the whole child on a journey through a challenging curriculum that results in exceptional young scholars with self-confidence and integrity.

Challenging Academic Program

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Number of Times Our Preschool Students Participate in Cooking Activities

Minutes (at Minimum) of Weekly Lower School Enrichment Classes

Number of High School Credits Earned by 2019's 8th Grade 40-Member Graduating Class

Successfully launching explorers since 1934.

Each game, each club...

helps students cultivate integrity through character and kindness within our Southfield Family. Our after school programs encompass music, drama, athletics, art, charitable giving, and more. This encourages lifelong health through availability of a variety of physical activities, organized sports, and clubs that grow the mind and spirit.

Teacher Spotlight

The passion and experience of our educators is the greatest gift we give our students. 

Jenny Gauthier

Jenny Gauthier teaches kindergarten through fourth grade art, and assists in the preschool. She recently was nominated for the National New to the Profession Art Educator Award for 2019 by the Louisiana Art Teachers Association. Mrs. Gauthier previously practiced architecture before teaching art. She incorporates STEAM projects in her classroom and collaborates with classroom teachers and specialists to reinforce the students’ curricula with art. Mrs. Gauthier’s two daughters also attend Southfield and her husband is a 
Southfield alumni.