Southfield Café 

Danette, LaJuan, and Kelly are sisters whose father owned several restaurants ranging from fried chicken to a nationwide pizza chain. They worked for him at different times throughout their lives. In 2000, when Danette’s children attended Southfield, she wanted to find a way to work for the school as she loved the environment and wanted to see her children as much as possible. The cafeteria had been closed for 10 years, so she spoke to the Head of School at the time about opening it back up. She wrote a business proposal to the Board and surveyed the parents and the rest is history!

The newest additions to the team are Tiffany Kindred, former Preschool Assistant, joined the sisters in 2021 and Dawn Ward in 2022!

Now, when Alumni talk about what they miss most about Southfield, inevitably someone mentions the food. Our meals are lovingly cooked fresh each day. Now offering gluten-free options.

A Dash of Love

The secret ingredient in our school cafeteria is served with every meal. It’s that special something you normally only get at home. Real food, cooked from the heart.

Comfort Food

Take comfort in the fact that your children can eat real food, cooked in a kitchen by professionals/professional moms. It brings our students joy and refuels them for the second half of their day.