Southfield School

Preschool 2 through 8th Grade

Our secure environment surrounds the whole child on a journey through a challenging curriculum that results in exceptional young scholars with self-confidence and integrity.

Why Choose Southfield

At Southfield, our talented and experienced faculty cultivate curiosity, character, kindness and a lifelong love of learning. We do things a little differently around here and it’s one of the reasons we have 85 years of outstanding outcomes with our students and alumni. We don’t teach to a test; we have a proven method that works. Our secret is in helping our students find the joy of learning. We believe in creating a partnership between faculty, parents and students and our students meet our efforts with enthusiasm.

Academic Excellence

Our graduating class of 33 students earned 74 high school credits50% of our students qualify for the Duke Talent Search, a program that identifies gifted students.

Outstanding Educators

100% of our preschool teachers are early childhood education certified. 63% of our Middle School teachers hold advanced degrees (Master’s or higher).

We Don't Teach To A Test

We have 85 years of experience helping students discover a lifelong love of learning.
We wanted an environment in which we felt 100% comfortable leaving our 4 young children on a daily basis. Impressed by the reputation of Southfield, the fine arts enrichment and the 6:1 student-teacher ratio for preschoolers alone, I enrolled all 4 of our children within a day of our tour.  50% of lower school teachers hold Master’s degree or higher, and watching our children grow with confidence, loving to read, loving to wake up to go to school, we knew we were in the right place.” Jordan Thaxton

“Six years and three kids in…I am so happy that Southfield is our home. The teachers are responsive and caring, the students/families are wonderful, and the administration is more accommodating to special needs than could be expected. This place truly has a different perspective, and it’s one that I couldn’t live without at this point. Thanks to everyone who makes Southfield so special.” Andrew Banker

Variable Tuition

Southfield School offers sliding scale tuition based on factors such as number of children, military status and household income. 

Janey Macey & Associates

At Southfield School, parents have access to Janey Macey and Associates, the area’s leading provider for behavioral, occupational and speech therapy. 


of Students Loyola sent to Boys and Girls State this past year were Southfield Alumni


of Byrd High School Sophomores from Southfield School were inducted into the National Honor Society (11 out of 11)

Ranked #1 in His Class — Southfield Alumnus Sean Cassingham was Magnet's 2018 Co-Valedictorian

Voted the Area’s Best Private School

Southfield is the only school in North Louisiana accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS). ISAS promotes the highest standards of educational excellence, and this accreditation conveys to the global community the unique and exceptional qualities of our school.  Southfield School was voted the Area’s Best Private School by the Shreveport Times and the Most Loved Private School by local residents.

Dedicated to Developing a Lifelong Love of Learning

At Southfield, our talented and experienced faculty cultivate curiosity, character, kindness and a lifelong love of learning.  Our secure environment surrounds the whole child on a journey through a challenging curriculum that results in exceptional young scholars with self-confidence and integrity.


Play is the underpinning foundation of all learning in preschool. Teachers set up purposeful learning centers and activities. For young children, play is their work. Each class is taught by a certified early childhood teacher and an assistant, averaging a 6:1 student to teacher ratio in our preschool classes. The regular school day ends at noon with extended day options available. Learn More.


Each Kindergarten class is taught by a certified teacher and an assistant using purposeful learning centers. Additional certified specialists instruct students in music, art, French, physical education, and computer technology.  Specialists in math, reading and science work  to enrich the learning experience. Learning through play continues in kindergarten. Learn More.

Lower School

In Lower School  nurture meets high expectations.  Veteran teachers maintain high academic and social standards. Lower school presents exciting ways to learn and contributes to the success of our students.  We accelerate their STEAM experience through weekly science labs in addition to their regular science classes.

Middle School

Southfield School provides an exciting environment where middle school students flourish.  Creative thinking and problem-solving are part of the daily expectation of finding success in a challenging academic environment. Students enjoy many opportunities to lead. It’s a place where all students can find “a spot on the team, or a role in the play.” Explore Middle School.

85 Years of Excellence

Have we mentioned we’ve been inspiring young minds since 1934. Our exploratory, hands-on approach develops inquisitiveness and a love of learning. We let our children stretch their legs with a daily recess and PE through middle school because their brains work better when they’ve had a chance to move around a little. Library time doesn’t phase out as our students enter middle school. There are a lot of things that set us apart, but it’s best told on campus, come visit us!

We’d Love to Tell You More

If a picture says 1,000 words, a visit will define the story of  their childhood. 

Southfield Traditions

For over 50 years, our students have been performing around the Maypole each spring. “I like the sunshine in the bright blue sky…it’s Southfield School where I belong.”

Meet Our Other Classroom

We prioritize hands-on learning.  For our students, dynamic learning happens inside and outside of the traditional classroom.

Civilization Fair

Student enjoy an immersive experience with ancient civilizations that requires participation across all their classes in preparation for Civilization Fair, a school-wide event.