Southfield School

Scholarship Opportunity

The Minority Scholarship

  • Awarded on a competitive basis
  • Available to one new minority student entering Southfield School in the 4th, 5th, 6th, or 7th grade
  • Award of Full Tuition and Instructional Fees, renewable on an annual basis through 8th grade, assuming satisfactory academic performance, conduct, and demonstrated qualities of character
  • Funding provided by Endowment established in 1997


Scholarship Application Process

  • Schedule a private tour of the school with Admissions Director:
    Clare Coburn, 318.213.6333 or ccoburn@southfield-school.org
  • Complete an Enrollment Application Form and submit with the non-refundable $50 application fee
  • Submit all prior academic records and standardized test results
  • Complete and submit the Scholarship Application Form – DUE BY March 18, 2019
  • Student must submit a written essay titled “All About Me” with the Scholarship Application
  • The Teacher Recommendation Form must be completed and submitted to Southfield by one of the
    student’s current teachers
  • Applicant will spend a full visit day on campus participating in the classroom and getting to know
    other students and faculty
  • Applicant will interview with the Assistant Head of School on the visit day
  • Applicant will take the Admission Exam on the visit day

    Application Review Process

  • All applicants must first be approved for admission to Southfield School
  • Once approved for admission, the Scholarship Review Committee will review the scholarship
  • The Scholarship Review Committee consists of the Headmaster, Assistant Head of School, Admissions Director, and one faculty member
  • All scholarship applicants will be notified of awards by April 25, 2019
    Final Enrollment Process
  • If the student is accepted for admission and awarded the scholarship, an Enrollment Contract will be
    issued to the family
  • The student is enrolled when the contract has been signed by the parent and received by the school

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