Welcome to Southfield

Southfield School resides in the historic residential South Highlands area of Shreveport. Whether you have heard about us from a friend, a sister ISAS school or through social media and our website, I bid you a warm welcome to our community of learners. Having served the School for 20 years, I feel confident that you will be delighted by the joy in our children’s faces, the quality of our educators, the balance of our program and the way our campus facilities help us achieve our vision “to develop a lifelong love of learning.”

A visit to our newly renovated campus will reveal children happily engaged in their learning through creative play, hands-on activities, advanced technology and a rigorously progressive academic program. Excellence in the visual and performing arts and a broad array of extra-curricular offerings ensure our diverse student body a well-balanced educational experience during their time here. 

At Southfield, you will find an outstanding group of teachers, staff and administrative professionals collaborating to support and encourage your child’s success and happiness. Parents, in partnership with our experienced and qualified educators, are expected to play an appropriate and important role in their child’s experience. We ask our parents and grandparents to feel welcome to volunteer and serve in our school community.

Our School recently celebrated its 83rd year and has a rich history and proven program. It is a program that teaches children to play, socialize, speak, read, write, manage the challenges of early adolescence and, most importantly, be thoroughly prepared for high school and beyond.  

Facility upgrades help maintain our nationally recognized accreditation with Independent Schools Association of the Southwest and are not only a testament to the School’s mission but a differentiator that we know prepares our children to be productive citizens with character and skills for their 21st-century lives. 


Gordon W. Walker