Faculty Directory
Southfield Preschool
NameContact Information
Abby Hale
PS-2 Exploration
Phone: (318) 213-6870
E-mail: ahale@southfield-school.org
Lauren Rhodes
PS-2 Exploration
Phone: (318) 213-6876
E-mail: lrhodes@southfield-school.org
Samantha Scott
PS-2 Exploration
Phone: (318) 213-6872
E-mail: sscott@southfield-school.org
Susie Collier
PS-3 Discovery
Phone: (318) 213-6874
E-mail: scollier@southfield-school.org
Cathy Frizzell
PS-3 Discovery
Phone: (318) 213-6879
E-mail: cfrizzell@southfield-school.org
Melissa Wyss
PS-3 Discovery
Phone: (318) 213-6873
E-mail: mwyss@southfield-school.org
Denise Joffrion
PS-4 Readiness
Phone: (318) 213-6878
E-mail: djoffrion@southfield-school.org
Kari LaBorde
PS-4 Readiness
Phone: (318) 213-6877
E-mail: klaborde@southfield-school.org
Katie Jackson
Phone: (318) 213-6352
E-mail: kjackson@southfield-school.org
Lacie Kennedy
Phone: (318) 213-6330
E-mail: lkennedy@southfield-school.org
Southfield Lower School
NameContact Information
Shannon Martinez
1st Grade
Phone: (318) 213-6403
E-mail: smartinez@southfield-school.org
Jackie Singleton
1st Grade
Phone: (318) 213-6402
E-mail: jsingleton@southfield-school.org
Phone: (318) 213-6408
E-mail: mblunt@southfield-school.org
Nancy Bynum
2nd Grade
Phone: (318) 213-6418
E-mail: nbynum@southfield-school.org
Kayla Barker
3rd Grade
Phone: (318) 213-6407
E-mail: kbarker@southfield-school.org
Carolyn Pearce
3rd Grade
Phone: (318) 213-6409
E-mail: cpearce@southfield-school.org
Kay Batte
4th Grade
Phone: (318) 213-6406
E-mail: kbatte@southfield-school.org
Bria Mayeux
4th Grade
Phone: (318) 231-6404
E-mail: bmayeux@southfield-school.org
Jenny Gauthier
Art Director K-4th Grade
Phone: (318) 213-6881
E-mail: jgauthier@southfield-school.org
Southfield Middle School
NameContact Information
Holly Odom
Middle School Math
Phone: (318) 213-6414
E-mail: hodom@southfield-school.org
Deborah Kiel
Middle School Science
Phone: (318) 213-6405
E-mail: dkiel@southfield-school.org
Eric Lee
Middle School Social Studies & Introduction to Algebra
Phone: (318) 213-6355
E-mail: elee@southfield-school.org
Susan Murrell
Middle School Language Arts & Social Studies
Phone: (318) 213-6413
E-mail: smurrell@southfield-school.org
Dr. Pete Shumate
Middle School Science & Math
Phone: (318) 213-6416
E-mail: pshumate@southfield-school.org
Leah Thelen
6th Grade Language Arts, Mathematics, and World Geography
Phone: (318) 213-6354
E-mail: lthelen@southfield-school.org
Paige Wolcott
Middle School Language Arts
Phone: (318) 213-6411
E-mail: pwolcott@southfield-school.org
NameContact Information
Laurie Bridel
Library Director
Phone: (318) 213-6339
E-mail: lbridel@southfield-school.org
Baron Capers
Middle School STEAM Specialist
Phone: (318) 213-6382
E-mail: bcapers@southfield-school.org
Vicki Cockerell
Math & Science Specialist
PS 4 through 5th Grade
Phone: (318) 213-6880
E-mail: vcockerell@southfield-school.org
Debbie Davis
Music Director
Phone: (318) 213-6882
E-mail: ddavis@southfield-school.org
Phone: (318) 213-6347
E-mail: jdemerath@southfield-school.org
Carly Feightner
Physical Education
Phone: (318) 868-5803
E-mail: cfeightner@southfield-school.org
Jennifer Fortune
Reading Specialist
Phone: (318) 213-6356
E-mail: jfortune@southfield-school.org
Elizabeth Grondin
Suzuki Strings and Ensemble Director
Phone: (318) 869-0048
E-mail: egrondinsuzuki@gmail.com
Margaret Holt
Art Director- Middle School
Phone: (318) 213-6364
E-mail: mholt@southfield-school.org
Chris Kennedy
Athletic Director
Phone: (318) 868-5803
E-mail: ckennedy@southfield-school.org
Elizabeth Lyles
French Teacher
Lower & Middle School
Phone: (318) 213-6419
E-mail: elyles@southfield-school.org
Gena Matthews
Physical Education
Phone: (318) 868-5803
E-mail: gmatthews@southfield-school.org
Andy Shaw
Address: 1413 Fairfield Ave
Shreveport, LA 71101
E-mail: andy@museumofamericanfencing.com
Voahangy Wascom
Preschool & Lower School
Phone: (318) 213-6419
E-mail: vwasom@southfield-school.org
Phone: (318) 213-6345
E-mail: cyoung@southfield-school.org
Teaching Assistant
NameContact Information
Jennifer Bryant
PS Assistant
E-mail: jbryant@southfield-school.org
Phone: (318) 868-5375
Rhonda Dossett
PS Assistant
E-mail: rdossett@southfield-school.org
Anne Embry
PS Assistant
E-mail: aembry@southfield-school.org
Melody Golihar
PS Assistant
E-mail: mgolihar@southfield-school.org
Debbie Green
PS Assistant
Phone: (318) 868-5375
E-mail: dgreen@southfield-school.org
Jason Hanes
PS Assistant
E-mail: jhanes@southfield-school.org
Angie Hansen
PS Assistant
E-mail: ahansen@southfield-school.org
Valerie Henix
PS Assistant
E-mail: vhenix@southfield-school.org
Jenny Gauthier
Art Director K-4th Grade
Phone: (318) 213-6881
E-mail: jgauthier@southfield-school.org
Vicky Mashburn
PS Assistant
Leslie McCallister
PS Assistant
E-mail: lmccallister@southfield-school.org
Bridget Poleman
PS Assistant
Phone: (318) 868-5375
E-mail: bpoleman@southfield-school.org
Roslyn Rushing
PS Assistant
Phone: (318) 213-6875
E-mail: rrushing@southfield-school.org
Lori Smith
PS Assistant
E-mail: lsmith@southfield-school.org
Brenda St. Andre
PS Assistant
E-mail: bstandre@southfield-school.org
Ashley Sutton
PS Assistant
E-mail: asutton@southfield-school.org
Susi Thomason
PS Assistant
E-mail: sthomason@southfield-school.org