Our History

Southfield School was founded in 1934 by a group of forward thinking parents who viewed education as a top priority for their children and an asset to the community.  The school opened with a first grade class of 20 students in the basement of South Highlands Elementary School and was originally called the Shreveport School of Progressive Education.  During the next two years, these parents raised eleven thousand dollars and, with land donated by a devoted Southfield family, built and opened the charming flagship building on Southfield Road.  The school was renamed Southfield School.

With the acquisition of 3 more acres of land and the addition of the west wing in 1937, a junior high school encompassing grades 7 through 9 was added. .  In1940, the Board of Trustees voted to establish a modern kindergarten and to construct an east wing to accommodate kindergarten classrooms.  In 1946, a recreation building which provided a gymnasium, a kitchen and dining area and a commons area was added to the junior high wing.

An upper school which included grades 9 through 12 was established in 1969 and graduated its first class in 1973.  The upper school was discontinued in 1991. 

The preschool program for 3 and 4 year olds was added in 1991 and was housed in the kindergarten wing with kindergarten classes moving into the original building.  The ever-expanding need for early childhood education gave rise to a new kindergarten building which was constructed in 1997.

Continuing its efforts to provide the best facilities and education for its students, the Board of Trustees developed a master site plan for the school, and in the interest of fiscal responsibility, completed a multimillion dollar capital campaign in 2002 to fund its plan..  In the fall of 2003, middle school commenced in the new 14,000 square foot facility designed specifically to house grades 5 through 8 with spacious classrooms, 2 state of the art science labs and a newly equipped technology lab with more than 50 computers serving approximately 150 students.

Phase 2 of this plan, the Margaret Shaffer Dickson Theater, was completed in the summer of 2005.  The theater is a 200-seat performing arts facility which allows for larger productions than the beloved, but tiny, original Hazel Kytle Theater.

In its continuing effort to provide the area with the best possible environment for premium education, the school once again completed a multimillion dollar capital campaign, and in the summer of 2014, the east wing was demolished to make way for construction of a state of the art preschool and an innovative STEAM building.

The new preschool includes 3 classrooms each for PS-2 Exploration, PS-3 Discovery and PS-4 Readiness classes. In addition to state of the art classrooms, this building features a gross motor development room and a teaching kitchen with child-sized counters for hands-on experimentation and learning.

The visionary STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Music) building was constructed on the north side of the campus creating an inviting outdoor quadrangle.  The building includes indoor and outdoor science labs and art and music rooms specifically designed for younger students.  It offers boundless opportunities for preschool and lower school students to gain hands-on experiences in science, technology, and engineering and to express their creativity in music and art.  The STEAM building also houses a new Hazel Kytle Theater.

In the fall of 2015, Southfield School will begin its 82nd year expanding into new spaces on what has grown into an extraordinary campus blending modern and historic buildings in much the same way it blends cutting edge education and technology with long standing traditions and timeless values.

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