Southfield School has two boards that are responsible for its successful operation: The Board of Trustees and Foundation Board.

Southfield School is a not-for-profit corporation with 501(c)(3) status.  The fiscal responsibility for non-profit organizations is held corporately by a Board of Trustees, made up of parents, alumni, and interested members of the community.  The Southfield  Board of Trustees assures the school’s fiscal and academic well-being, develops short-term and long-term plans for the school, raises funds and manages debt, and hires the Headmaster.  Board Members are nominated by the Trustee Committee and invited to serve for an open ended term, renewed annually. 

The Foundation Board acts as an advisory board and handles the management and investment of the trust, which holds the school’s endowment funds. Foundation members are invited to serve for an open ended term.


Kevin Briley, President
Thomas Sanders, Vice President
Rob King, Treasurer
Dawn Ward, Secretary
Gordon Walker, Headmaster
Edward Crawford, ’68 Life Trustee
Tom Jackson, ’87 Alumni Board President
Tracey Locke, Director of Advancement
Clay Nelson ’84
Chris Phillips ‘87
Todd Stanberry ’94
John Pickens ‘85
Walker Coburn ‘98
Charlotte Banker
Leigh Bowman
Mike Cooper
Kurt Lyles
Jim Berge
Andrea Mason
Ian McElroy
Ghali Ghali
Chris Hutchison
Brad Gosslee
Alvin Olsan
Naomi Parkash


Jim Madison, President
Peyton LaBorde, Secretary
Kevin Briley, Trustee President
Rob King, Treasurer
Gordon Walker, Headmaster
John Atkins ‘83
Janet Campbell, Director of Finance
Tracey Locke, Director of Advancement
Ed Crawford ’68
Julie Zadeck ‘76
Patty Selber Newton '73
Justin R. Querbes, lll ‘61
Katy Merriman
Ginny Murphy
Katie Weir ‘70
Alan Murphy ‘71
Fred Phillips
Rita Hummingbird