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Extracurricular Activities

Many of our students find and explore their interests through our after school clubs.

Our School

There are many after school activities available for Southfield students to participate in beyond athletics and we continue to add and enhance our program offerings as we identify interest from our students.

Whether exploring an early interest in civic leadership or an interest in math or music, our students enjoy many opportunities to explore their passions.


Advanced Visual Arts

Advanced Visual Arts is offered to 7th-8th Grade serious art students who are dedicated to building skills to become better artists. Students do not have to be “good artists” in order to join, they just need to have the desire to improve and willingness to practice. Students will apply what they have learned about the elements of art and principles of design. Traditional art genres (landscape, still life, additive sculpture, portraiture, and more) will be introduced and technical applications in various media will be taught.

Chess Club

Chess club is available for our students in Grades 4th–8th. The club will meet once a week after school. 

*Must have a minimum of 10 students for this club to officially start.


Cooking in the Café

Ever wondered how the Southfield Café makes such wonderful treats? Now is your chance for your children to find out! Students in Grades 3rd-8th will meet with LaJuan Wagoner on after school once a week.

*Must have a minimum of 8 students for this club to officially start.

Cup Stacking Club

Open to students in Grades 1st-8th. Contact Coach Calhoun (acalhoun@southfield-school.org) with any questions.


All Lower School students participate in a grade-level play through 6th Grade.

7th and 8th Grade students have the opportunity to audition for our Middle School Spring Musical that takes place each March. These students participate in a 3-month long hands-on experience learning through the act of doing in all facets of a production. From technical lighting to prop making, it is a full theatrical experience of the highest middle school caliber.

Cub Scouts/Scouts

The Cub Scouts program aims to prepare youth (Grades K-5th) to grow into self-reliant and dependable adults. This year, they are planning a fun year of pinewood derby racing, raingutter regattas, camping, and more fun activities! Please complete this request form for more information.

If anyone in grades 6th-8th is interested in joining Scouts BSA, please contact Rich Sipes at 318-820-8500 or rtsipes@gmail.com or complete this request form.

Gaming & Digital Arts Club

This 10-week club of in-depth game play and development will focus on level design and team building. The club will expand on what the students are currently learning in their digital art and design class. The students will have the opportunity to work independently and in teams to create playable in-game levels. Different games will be played and broken down to understand what makes them successful and then the student will apply what they learn into their own creation. The goal is to create a fun filled atmosphere for the children to play and learn how to create various types of video games. 

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts is proven to help girls thrive in five key ways as they develop a strong sense of self, seek challenges and learn from setbacks, display positive values, form and maintain healthy relationships, and  identify and solve problems in the community. Grades kindergarten-8th. Complete this form or contact Wendy Hanes for more information at 318-230-5562 or wendyh@hrpsp.com.

Lower School Art Club

Art Club is for 2nd-4th Grade students who love art and want more opportunities to create! Students are given the opportunity to explore their creative ideas and talents through projects that are an extension of the elementary arts curriculum. Session topics will range from: painting, clay, drawing, and recycled art, to name a few.

Lower School Running Club

We are excited to announce the continuation of Running Club for our Lower School students in Grades 1st-4th

*Minimum of 8 students needed for club to officially begin.



MathCounts is a mathematics competition series for 6th-8th Grade students who wish to improve their mathematics skills and learn new mathematics techniques outside of the classroom. MathCounts members practice throughout the school year and compete in the Regional MathCounts competition as well as local math competitions. The team meets once a week, after school, for practice.

Middle School Book Club

Are you in middle school and love to read?  Gather your friends and create a book club! Student initiated book clubs may meet one Friday a month in the library. For help coordinating your book group, talk with Mrs. Bridel. She will help with organization and provide snacks for the group. Happy reading!

Student Council

The Student Council is our Middle School’s student governing body. This group is made up of elected class representatives from 5th-8th Grade.


Southfield’s yearbook, the Eyrie, is produced by an adult adviser and a staff of 7th and 8th Grade student volunteers, who create the book throughout the school year. Interested 6th and 7th Grade students may apply each spring for the following school year.

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