Welcome to PA

As president of the Parent’s Association I want to first of all say thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve you this year. It is an honor.

 I cried the first time I toured this school. The commitment from teachers and staff, the experiences parent’s shared with me, the smiles and laughter that was evident in each room on the kids and teachers faces, the attention to details without leaving out the fun, the focus on art and allowing the kids freedom to express themselves, the gorgeous campus and tenured teachers were all more than I could hope for. My precious mom who taught kindergartners for 20 plus years cried happy tears with me that day.  We were home.

 Southfield School continues to impress me and often the “goose bumps” appear and catch me off guard with the love I have for this school, its history and its staff.  This school is preparing generations of leaders who will change history and influence our world more than any of us can imagine. I look forward to being a small part of this story as I lead us through another fabulous year supporting our school as the Parent’s Association always has. There are some seriously large shoes to fill from past presidents that have come before me. I have never been one to back down from a challenge or exciting adventure though. Within our parent base are moms and dads that give back hours and hours of time, energy and money to the school and we are beyond grateful.  

 The schools we choose for our children are one of the most important decisions we can make for and with them. Thank you for your commitment and partnership with our teachers, staff and administration team to make this school year one of the best yet. Our shared vision to continue the legacy of Southfield School will propel us forward once again.

 I am sure your kids are like mine in that they long for the return of school because our school does such an extraordinary job of creating fun in the classrooms centered on learning. The kids are filled with joy at the introduction of new topics and seasoned and deeply passionate teachers guide them on these adventures.  Traditions reign at Southfield such as Preview Tea and Pumpkin Shine even amid the introduction and change of incredible technology and state of the art facilities like we have added that keep our kids on top.

 Join me as we build on our success of previous years and ensure Southfield is here for another 83 years to enrich the lives of our extraordinary kids!  Together let’s make this year one for the record books. Southfield is a magical place! Let’s have fun, let’s unite together, and do something incredible for our school!

 Wishing you a stellar year,

 Lauren West, Parents' Association President