Pi Day (3.14 – March 14)
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2-7-2017 8:05:32 AM

  Once again Southfield will have a Pi Day contest.  The contest will consist of memorizing as many digits as you can, in order, for pi (π).


On Tuesday, March 14, from 7:45 – 8:45, any student that has memorized at least 20 digits can come to the cafeteria to write them on the contest paper.


Students in 1st – 5th grade, that memorize at least 20 digits, will be invited to participate in special math enrichment classes the week of March 20-24.


 All students that memorize at least 20 digits will be honored at the April Flag Ceremony.

So start memorizing and let’s have some “pi” fun!

The first 10,000 digits can be found at http://www.joyofpi.com/pi.html.