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Float Shreveport

Address 714 Azalea Dr. Shreveport LA 71106 Website: https://www.floatshreveport.com


Float pools or float tanks/pods are an environment like nothing else on earth. They contain about a foot of water inside which is kept at skin temperature, combined with about 1,000 lbs of salt. This creates an almost zero gravity experience with all weight and pressure removed from your body, as you float half-in, half-out on the water surface. The muscles and joints can relax and your spine can decompress and elongate. Lying on water is different from lying on a mattress in that there is no need to readjust due to pressure placed on the body. Each float session is yours to customize. The rooms are extremely soundproof and, if you turn off the light, completely lightproof. With no light, no sound, no sense of touch, and very little gravity, it’s like relaxing in outer space. The brain enters the theta brain-wave state, which occurs naturally in between waking and sleeping. In this environment of no external stimuli, your mind can “check out” from the day-to-day and experience complete rest. 

Lindi Griffith (Alum ’03)


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714 Azalea Dr. Shreveport LA 71106

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