Play is learning.  At Southfield, little hands are encouraged to explore sand, paint, homemade play dough, glue and glitter in the classroom. Southfield preschool learning spaces are designed to be fun, color-filled and enticing.

Preschoolers sing, dance, act, cook, and speak French. Faculty members are certified in early childhood education and create an environment that stimulates a love for learning. The curriculum includes activities in language and literacy along with science and math. Specialists teach music, art, French and technology.

Southfield teachers respect each child’s individuality. Each child is built with an internal clock, progressing in motor skills and language development according to his or her own timetable.  Teachers encourage, but don’t push.  Learning is important; developing a love for learning is even better.

Southfield’s standards are high because each child is precious.  The preschool is accredited through the rigorous standards of the National Association for the Education of Young Children.