Southfield School provides an exciting environment where middle school students flourish.  Creative thinking and problem-solving are part of the daily expectation of finding success in a challenging academic environment.

Southfield middle school students enjoy many opportunities to lead. Student Council, cheerleading, organized team sports, yearbook staff, and community service allow them to become well-rounded individuals.  Many also go out of their way to develop relationships with younger students around campus.

Middle school is a time of significant change in students’ lives.  At Southfield, they are guided by a veteran faculty and support staff who recognize the value of life lessons. Small group advisory meetings address current issues as well as relational topics to help students learn to live lives of excellence.

Graduates leave Southfield School as confident, well-prepared students.  They go to high school with as many as three credits in foreign language, Algebra I, and Geometry.  More importantly, they bring the work ethic and interpersonal skills they need to be successful people and to continue their lifelong love of learning.