Dear Southfield Community,

The first month of school is quickly coming to an end, but the impact of August has not passed me by.  On the contrary, the start of the school year has re-affirmed what I knew to be true: Southfield School is exceptional.  The past few weeks have provided wonderful opportunities to get to know a community that wholeheartedly cares about the school. As a newly anointed Eagle, my view from the nest has revealed three consistent themes: joy, partnerships, and family.

Joy is evident in the daily smiles and interactions between students, parents, teachers, and administrators in morning carpool as people excitedly greet each other to start the day. It also extends into the hallways, classrooms, and lunchroom, accentuating this genuine pillar of our school that makes every day enjoyable.

Partnership is present through the camaraderie of teachers who perpetually collaborate in order to generate an exceptional classroom experience for students.  In the same fashion, it is exuded in the continual efforts by Southfield’s parents who volunteer their time to upcoming school events, such as: Pumpkin Shine, The Pie Run, Casino Auction, and room mom activities.

Family is felt through the return of multiple generations of Southfield families who have seen our institution grow over the past 86 years, while also welcoming new generations who are experiencing Southfield for the first time, and already acknowledge “this feels like home.”

Within a short amount of time, the Southfield way has made a powerful impression and I look forward to all the joy, partnerships, and family experiences to come over the next nine months.   

With sincerity, 

Justin L. Smith

Head of School